Rules Terms of Service


These are the rules for the game
These rules exist to protect you, the player and guarantee that everyone has a fun time playing Additionally, they assist us, the developers, in addressing cheating and other behaviors that could spoil the game for those who opt to play honestly.

If you break the rules, meaning, if you do anything that is not allowed listed below, you might be muted (prevented from chatting in-game) or banned (making it impossible for you to play) by us.

Bots & Macros

What's not allowed?

  • Auto hacking: A bot that writes the words instead of a human and sends them.
  • Mulling: Using other accounts as extra inventory space.
  • Farming with multiple accounts: Using multiple accounts that farm either actively or passively for the purposes of trading over to another account or accounts.
  • Other: Anything scripting related that gives you an unfair advantage.

Breaking the rules with one of your alt accounts will lead your main account to be banned too.

  • You Are Not To discuss or demonstrate the creation of scripts, software, and/or methods that can be used to cheat
  • You are not allowed to use a bot or any other similar program that in any way interacts with that hasn't been authorized by staff
  • You Are Not To Use ANY External Programs, as well as Macros : (Key, or Voice) At Any Time. They are not allowed
  • We reserve the right to ban any user scripting, botting, or use of any of these offenses listed in this section from the game without refund or compensation for in-game purchases

Language and Behaviour

You may not:

  • Excessive bullying and harassment: We expect you to treat each other at least with a little bit respect.
  • Spamming/Flooding the chat: Sending any messages over and over again or with a minimal time window as to annoy others.
  • Advertisement: Do not advertise in the chat or through other means for your own or others' benefit. This includes websites.
  • Discussion of these topics: You may not discuss child abuse, animal cruelty or terrorism.


Attempting to acquire items or crypto coins (ingame currency) from other players through deceitful means is strictly prohibited. The term 'deceitful means' refers to any form of trickery or manipulation employed to unfairly benefit oneself.

Staff/Mod Impersonation

You may not impersonate any staff member. This includes: pretending to be a staff member, using the same name as a staff member, or claiming to have the ability to perform staff actions.

"Social Engineering"towards the staff or any persons related to the staff is not allowed, you will be punished in-game and it may result in "real life" action. Addendum: "Social Engineering", "Doxxing", or any form of manipulation/investigation on/regarding another player to reveal personal information, or revealing someone's personal information either privately or publicly is not allowed.

  • You may not harass staff members for any reason, including for disciplinary actions, Rule Breaking, Temporary Bans, or Permanent Bans
  • You may not send excessive in-game reports for attention (including any game utilities provided for communication)
  • You may not send excessive pings or @ Commands via Discord to staff

Exploiting Bugs

Players are required not to exploit any bugs or glitches they encounter in the game. Should you come across a bug or glitch, we urge you to report it directly to the developers.
Discovering a bug or glitch does not give you the green light to misuse it.
We assure you that finding a bug or glitch and reporting it to us, without further exploitation, will not lead to a ban. However, repeated exploitation of a glitch, especially one that provides an unfair advantage or gain over others, will result in a ban.
We also advise against disclosing details of the glitch to other players, whether through in-game conversations, creating instructional content, or any form of dissemination.
Urging others to exploit a glitch, or spreading information about it, is considered as serious as exploiting the glitch yourself and may also lead to a ban.

Accounts/Alt Accounts/Bots

  • Mulling: Any Multiple Accounts For The Use Of Extra Inventory Space, Trading Between Main And Alt Accounts (Including 3rd Party Bots) with BTC and Items: Is Not Allowed
  • Farming: Any Multiple Accounts for BTC Farming / NPC Loot / Component Farming With Intent To Trade To Your Main Or Any Other Of Your Alt Accounts: Is Not Allowed
  • You are held responsible for another person using your account with or without your permission. (i.e. Friends, Family Members)
  • Keep your account password secure. Do not give any of your account(s) password to another person
  • NO STAFF Will Ever Ask For Any Passwords Regarding Any Account
  • You may not create any racially offensive usernames: this will result in disciplinary action

In-Game Chatroom

  • Spamming / Flooding: This is not allowed at all and will result in disciplinary action
  • You may not harass or bully any players or staff members
  • You may not send excessive messages via private messaging with the intent of spamming, flooding, or harassment
  • Cuss may be tolerated, though excessive abuse of it will result in disciplinary action
  • You may not use any abusive, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, harmful, hateful, obscene, offensive, sexually explicit, or threatening language. (Alternate spelling or partial masking of such words will be reprimanded in the same manner as the actual use of such words.)
  • You may not discuss any real-world hacking or methods that involve it, nor share any web links that provide tools for such actions
  • Advertisement: you may not advertise, market, or promote any form of solicitation

Use of 3rd Party Enhancements

  • Creating And Distributing 3rd Party Scripts is Allowed For Game Enhancements and/or (Visual) Theme Enhancements
  • Use of Injectors and/or Script managers (i.e. Tampermonkey, Violentmonkey, etc) Are Permitted
  • Any Form Of Auto Functions such as Hacking, Farming, or causing any unfair advantages within 3rd Party script(s) are not allowed
  • Any Form Of Code Within The Script That Breaches Any Security Vulnerabilities of Is Not Allowed
  • Any Form Of Code Within The Script That Collects, Transmits, and/or potentially impacts User Privacy is Not Allowed
  • 3rd Party Enhancements May Cause Performance Issues, Network Issues, and/or Lead to slower or lesser responsive user experience, use at your discretion
  • 3rd Party Enhancements May Not Be Advertised/Sold In-Game Or Discord For Real Cash Value
  • 3rd Party Bots In The Form Of Market (or) Auction Can Not Send/Receive/Monetize BTC Or Benefit Any Profit To Creators, Or Any Creators That Contributed To The Design
  • 3rd Party Bots In The Form Of Gambling Are Not Allowed
  • 3rd Party Enhancement "Tools" Are Allowed To Be Advertised In-Game & Discord For BTC : (i.e. Skill Calculation, Rating Calculation, etc)
  • Anyone who downloads And Uses 3rd Party Scripts Uses them at their discretion, Is Not Liable For Any 3rd Party Addon

By playing the game or creating a game account, you agree to these rules. If you do not agree to these rules, you may not play the game or create a game account.

All game accounts are the property of and players are only granted limited permission to use these accounts.
We reserve the right to mute or ban an account at any time, for any reason, even if it falls outside the scope of these rules.